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Students of the Month


Gabriel Maldonado in 6th grade

Gabriel has always struggled with his academics, but this year, I have seen marked improvement in him.  He is self-motivated and has become quite conscientious about his assignments.  He is always giving 110%. In his strive to do better, he is always looking in a dictionary to define unfamiliar words that he reads or hears.  As a result, his vocabulary has become quite broad. Gabriel is an outstanding example of what it means to have great character. He is never without a smile on his face, even in the face of a challenge.  He is always the first one to lend a hand, and he is a phenomenal source of emotional support to his peers. Gabriel is an absolute source of joy for us all, and he enriches our classroom environment with his delightful presence! I am so proud to be his teacher! 

-Mrs. Ortenzi

Muhammad Affan in 6th Grade

Muhammad amazes me every day. Muhammad is a bilingual student who works extremely hard and gives his all to achieve academic success. He has a great work ethic and enthusiastically participates in every lesson. He goes above and beyond even outside the classroom where he has completed extra levels of Aleks Math on his own time. He completed the 6th grade program within the first few weeks of school and then went on to complete the 7th grade program and now is working on Grade 7 Course 2! Besides his tremendous drive to succeed, he is a beautiful human being. He is friendly to everyone and even masked his smile can light up a room! He is one of the most respectful and well-mannered young adults you will meet. He is genuinely concerned for others and demonstrates that in his actions throughout the school day.

-Mrs. Buck, and Mrs. Mishkin

Manuel Martinez - in 7th grade

Manuel is a very hard-working student, always prepared, always completes his assignments, participates in class and is overall a nice person. He faces his struggles and challenges with courage. I am proud to be his teacher because he is an exceptional student.  

-Mrs. Koehler

Azka Ahmad in 8th grade

Azka demonstrates exemplary character and has strong academic grades. She is always so cooperative in class, with her peers and respectful to the adults in the school. She had a 97.25 average in the first quarter and a 98.0 average for the second quarter. Azka is hard working and goal oriented. She is determined to conquer any challenge put before her. Azka is a pleasure to have in class and deserves the Student of the Month. 

-Mr. Brennen