Homework 3rd Quarter Per 1, 5, 6, 8


2/1/21 - SNOW DAY

2/2/21 - Review in FORMS (the link is in todays post) - Quiz tomorrow

2/3/21 - Ch 2 quiz on percents in Castle Learning.

2/4/21 - Ch 2 lesson 6 Sales tax, markup & tip P155 #1-9

2/5/21 - Applebee's activity posted in the TEAM Post - complete it and send a picture in a private chat. (35pts)

2/8/21 - Ch 2 Discounts p163 #1-6  ( Ch 2 test will be on Friday!)

2/9/21 - none

2/10/21 - Ch 2 lesson 8 Simple Interest  P171 #1-6

2/11/21 - Study for Ch 2 test!

2/12/21 - Ch 2 test today on Castlelearning.com - due Saturday @ 5pm - No homework but you should have 2 hours of ALEKS completed by 2/13/21.  Enjoy your week off!  WE WILL NEED VOLUME 2 AFTER BREAK.....PLEASE FIND IT!

2/22/21 - Please log onto Brainpop.com and watch the circles video and then take the graded quiz and email it to me at hnolan@bufsd.org.  You must fill in your full name and math period.

2/23/21 - Please watch the video on youtube “Grade 7 Math #9.1a, Parts of a Circle, circumference, radius, diameter, centerpoint” ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j1fTgckgUT0 ) and complete the castle learning assignment - Circle Parts (10 questions).  

2/24/21 - Complete 40 minutes of ALEKS in topics like Circles, Discounts, Tip & Tax

2/25/21 -watch two youtube videos (1) Math Antics - Circles, What Is PI? (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cC0fZ_lkFpQ) and (2) Math Antics - Circles, Circumference And Area (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O-cawByg2aA). Then complete the Circle review in FORMS.  The link is in the TEAM Post.

2/26/21 - we reviewed area, circumference and all parts of a circle today- QUIZ on circles on MONDAY!  Please make up any work from this week that you did not complete and study for the quiz! (don't forget you should have completed 3 hrs of ALEKS by tomorrow)

3/1/21 - Quiz on circles today on castlelearning.com.  no homework so please make up any missing assignments!

3/2/21 - We are reviewing for the district assessment.  Please complete the Ch 4 review sheet that I posted in the TEAMS Post for today.

3/3/21 - Please complete the problem solving worksheet posted in TEAMS today.

3/4/21 - Complete Ch 5 review worksheet uploaded in TEAMS.

3/5/21 - 5 week notices go out next week.  Please complete any missing work (ALEKS, tests, quizzes, homeworks, classwork) by Tuesday 3/9/21 @ 2:30pm.

3/8/21 - Complete the FORMS "algebraic expressions" assignment, the link is in the TEAMS post &                Solve the 5 problems for the variables - show all work. 1) 5b + 2 = 17
              2) 2x-5 = 15   3) 2 +1/6 a = -4     4) 5d -1=-11     5) -1/2 x -7=18

3/9/21 - Complete the worksheet District Review #3 uploaded to TEAMS and study for a quiz tomorrow.

3/10/21 - Quiz today in FORMS, the link was sent in the TEAMS POST.  no homework tonight if you finished the quiz otherwise you need to finish it today!

3/11/21 - Ch 1 District Review worksheet, uploaded in the TEAMS POST.

3/12/21 - Study for District Assessment which is Monday & Tuesday.  Bring your laptop to school and make sure it is charged.  Sleep well and eat a good breakfast.

3/15/21 - Study for the second day of district testing!  Sleep well and eat a good breakfast.

3/16/21 - Complete the District Assessment during school & NO Homework!

3/17/21 - Happy St. Patrick's Day!  We will finish the District assessment & start Ch 10 (in VOLUME 2)  - homework is page 805 #1-3 write out full sentences.

3/18/21 - P 819 #11-13

3/19/21 - Complete the Mean, Median, Mode & Range worksheet uploaded in TEAMS.  Please show all work!  (You should have 6 hours of ALEKS by Saturday night!)

3/22/21 - Study notes given today on box and whisker plots

3/23/21 - Watch the youtube video link below on box and whisker plots and complete the worksheet uploaded in teams.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJZv9YeQ-qQ   (send a picture of the completed worksheet)

3/24/21 - watch the video on dot plots https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iq6CpefZwAk and then complete the worksheet uploaded into TEAMS.  (send a picture of the completed worksheet)

3/25/21 - watch the dot plot video with mean, median & mode  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ng5doFTw28I and complete the worksheet that was uploaded to TEAMS.  (send a picture of the completed worksheet) Homework - Study for the test tomorrow.

3/26/21 - Log on to castle learning and complete the test. no homework.

4/5/21 - Welcome back!  Today we will review Box & Whisker Plots and Dot plots.  there is no homework except to start doing make-up work if you are missing any assignments. 3rd QTR ENDS WEDNESDAY 4/14/21

4/6/21 - We are taking the ALEKS Knowledge check for the district in class today & tomorrow.  No homework. 

4/7/21 - We are completing the knowledge check in ALEKS today.  Complete any missing assignments & message me if I need to open any tests or quizzes for you.

4/8/21 - today is make-up day.  Log into eSchool and all missing work needs to be made up by 5 pm today.  All worksheets are in the teams files or posts from the day given. If you do not have 9 hrs in ALEKS please work on that. The marking period ends next Wednesday!

4/9/21 - Ch 9 Probability P 715 #1-5

4/12/21 - P 725 #1-3

4/13/21 - ALEKS (must have 9 hrs total for 3rd qtr)

4/14/21 - P737 #1-3 list & tree diagram for each  (quiz will be on Friday)


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